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We met and did an interview when you were playing at the Glitterhouse Orange Blossom Festival in 2002. This Interview is for www.gaesteliste.de

Can you tell me briefly what happened since then? (For instance: I noticed that Terje Axel writes songs, too, nowadays?)
Patrick: February 2003 we went to the drummers and the guitarists hometown, Høyanger, and recorded our fourth album “I’ve been gone – letter one”. On the Glitterhousefestival, Pedro from another Bergen band, Sister Sonny, joined us on bass. During the recording in Høyanger, he and two other members from his band contributed. Also, Kristian Stockhaus, a young musician, joined. In other words, we have been focusing on the recording and we’ve had much fun being together and playing.
Mona: A difference from earlier recordings is the fact that Bosse found the courage to present two of his own songs. For him, like for Patrick and me, the fact that the rest of the band like a song is enough to give it a chance. His songs found a natural place on the record. Lately, we have rehearsed to get on tour in March in Germany. Kristian and the bass-player from his own band will join us on the tour. Last night we had our first gig, and it was very uplifting and we are all looking forward to go on tour. Since we are only three permanent members, we need support live and it’s always relieving when we find the right persons, at the right time.

Can you please explain the title of the record? (Will there be a "letter 2"?)
Mona: “I’ve been gone” is taken from the song “The last resort”. It says something about going away and coming back again. “Letter one”, together with the sailboat on the front of the cover, suggests something about lonely sailors writing letters home and reading them years later. So, it’s main theme is nostalgia, and film scenes like always.

Where does the imprint on the CD itself come from? ("L´amour, la mer, la mort") What does that stand for?
Mona: The imprint comes from a tattoo of an old friend of ours who in his secret life is a sailor. The tattoo does not even exist. He once drew it on a piece of paper, and it looked great. It stands for the three most important factors in a sailors life, “love, the ocean and death”. If you compare it to the Christian slogan “faith, hope and love”, you see the down to earth difference.

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